How To Navigate The WordPress Dashboard

  1. When you first login you will see your dashboard, this will display stats, sitemap and other settings if you have them with your package.

    Your main menu is on the left hand side, use this to navigate through the different areas of your website.

2. Your post section (if enabled with your package) is where you can add new articles to your website (content, blogs, information etc).

3. Media is where your files are stored, such as: Images, PDF’s, Videos and more. These are then linked through to your pages and posts. If you delete anything inside your Media and its linked to your page, it will also remove this from that page.

You can either add new images and files directly from the Media or you can upload new files from inside your page or post.

4. Under your pages, you will see ‘Edit With Elementor’ when you hover any of the names.
If you clicked on the title of that page you will then see a big blue button ‘Edit With Elementor’

this is how you edit any of your pages.
(Posts will use the default wordpress layout)

5. Users is where you go to edit your password, add a new user to have access to your website such as staff member (if you add them as an AUTHOR) or if you have any signup forms or products it will display all the members (either as subscriber or customer)

6. Inside each page or post you will have ‘Smart Crawl’ at the bottom, this is a live visual preview for how your page or post will look inside search engines. Use the Edit Meta button if you would like to change the title and description.

DON’T FORGET to add a Focus Keyword which tells search engines the main focus of this page or post.