How To Edit Your Pages Using Elementor

  1. Login to your website and click on PAGES on the left hand side
  2. (a) There are 2 ways of accessing your Visual Editor, you can either hover any of the page titles and click on ‘EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR’ that then appears

2 (b). OR you can click on the page title which takes you inside the page and you can click on the big blue button

3. Once you have clicked Edit with Elementor, please wait for the program to load on your screen. It is best to use CHROME for this.

4. Once it has loaded you will see your website, on the left hand side will be your EDITING PANE

5. Click any element on your website and the editing pane on the left will change depending on what you select. You will be able to change text, images, positioning, icons and more

7. Once you have finished making all of your changes, click the green PUBLISH button at the bottom left (or it may say UPDATE depending on what you have completed)

8. Once the button has gone grey, then click the Menu icon (3 lines) at the top left

9. And click EDIT TO DASHBOARD. This is the correct way for exiting out of Elementor, please Do Not use the Back button on your browser as it will not save any changes you have done.

10. It will take you back to your page, remember to add a Featured Image and your SEO at the bottom. To get back to your dashboard, click the ‘W’ at the top left and you will see your menu again.

11. If you do accidentially click the ‘BACK TO WORDPRESS EDITOR’ button at the very top it will break your page, not a problem, we do have backups performing. All you do is click the Blue Elementor Button again, wait for the program to load and then exit as instructed. This will put the page back to working order.