Create an Impactful Website That Outperforms Your Competition.

Healy Web Design Builder Pro Platform will set you up for success – giving you the skills, security and platform to build a website that stands out from the rest, with powerful SEO to beat your competition.

Healy Web Design Builder Pro Platform is designed to give you the edge over your competitors.

Our tailored platform is not like all the other ‘Website Builders’ you see today, with each of our clients, we setup your server, security and installation for you!

We then provide you your login details and hold your hand as we walk you through step-by-step for what to do, when to do it and more importantly, how to do it!


Pre Design Sections and Full Pages

You get an incredible opportunity of choosing among superb demos almost for any topic, and successfully use them on your site!

We have over 90+ pre-designed full page sections
Over 100+ pre-designed sections
(eg. contact form, about us section, welcome section, banners, galleries and lots more)

Along with us being on-board for you, we walk you through how to build your website the professional way along with verifying in search engines so that you get found

We Got You Covered

WordPress platforms offer alot more power and advanced features than other website builders. With this being the case, with each client, we setup your Server, Security, Configurations, Core Platform and installation for you. Once we have completed our steps, we will then provide you with your login details to get started. We don’t just leave you there though! We will guide you through with training and help every step of the way.


Server setup, installation and optimisation included

SSL Security

Free SSL Browser Padlock for your user security

Visual Editor

We install a visual editor so you can edit all of your pages easily - no coding skills needed

Professional Email

Professional email accounts to manage all your communications

CMS Dashboard

Your own back-end login to your website to control everything

Visual SEO

Easy SEO for every page giving you a live preview in search engines and results

Dynamic Structure

Add in blogs, services, latest news to your website giving you more exposure in search engines


Support when you need it

Just A Few Of The Sections!

Get ahead of the competition with a powerful website.

Skip the hassle of starting from scratch and create a powerful website with Healy Web Design Builder Pro. With over 100 pre-designed templates and sections, you can quickly get your site up and running. Plus, our tailored platform and walk-through training will ensure you have everything set up correctly so you can beat your competition in search engine rankings.

A tailored website built for success.

Get the most out of your website with Healy Web Design Builder Pro Platform. Our 12+ years of experience ensure that each client is tailored to your purchase and needs, so you can beat the competition with a powerful website design and SEO optimization. Plus, our walk-through training guides you from start to finish on how to create an effective page and make an impact in search engines.

Build a website that stands out from the competition.

Take your website to the next level with Healy Web Design Builder Pro Platform. Tailored to your needs, not a one size fits all solution, you’ll get training and support to build a website that stands out from the crowd. Get ready to be powered by SEO so you can beat the competition.

Any Device

Your website will look great on any device!

Our builder platform will give you visuals over each device (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile) so if you want to make further adjustments, its as easy as a few clicks.

All with a live visual editor, you don’t need to know any coding, you are looking at your website in live and any adjustments happen right in-front of you so you can easily see what is happening.

How Does It Work, Tell Me More

Platforms like Wix and Shopify are great but you are limited as its one platform for all… this then means you are missing vital components with your website and search results.

All of our sites are built on the leading website platform today… WordPress!

Why does everyone use wordpress? Because your imagination is the only thing to hold you back with wordpress, almost anything can be built and achieved. Simple sites, services, portfolios, learning management systems, e-commerce, databases, signups and lead generations, booking systems and much more.

But the problem lies with setting wordpress up correctly! many just try to opt with Themes or Plugins and end up overloading their site or not being able to build their site (we know! we get clients everyday with the same issues!)

This is why we have built the BuilderPro Platform, it keeps your website on WordPress (which is a great starting point to have your website on) and we remove all the parts that is not needed that guides you to building it the correct way!

We have pre-designed templates that you can 1-click install or you can simply drag and drop any section you want, anywhere on the page.

But we don’t just leave you there, we guide you through with our in-depth training, showing you what you need to do and how you need to do it!

We will also take you over SEO (search engine optimisation) and how to verify your company with google, how to setup your google profile, how to setup analytics (reporting) and how to index your site (place your links in search results)

We also take you over social media, how to use facebook effectively, how to setup your page and tips to consider.

Take control of your website and dominate online with Healy Web Design Builder Pro Platform.